Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Didi 40cr2 Kit at Exocetus Marine

 A few months ago I posted about the comprehensive kit being developed for the Didi 40cr2 by Exocetus Marine in UK. They are building a boat at the same time as developing the kit, to check everything for proper fit and assembly. Since my previous post the build has progressed to hull turn-over stage.

See captions under photos for explanations.

Side panel glued to hull framing.

First layer of pre-formed radius skin panels being installed.

This is how the radius skin panels are supplied in the kit, pre-formed in the Exocetus workshop.

Inside view of the radiused portion of the hull.

Second layer of radius fitted. A jigsaw joint on the side panel can also be seen.

Hardwood keel shoe, also cut by CNC. This forms a tough and flat surface onto which the keel root is bolted, removing compressive loads from the softer okoume plywood skin.

The gloss epoxy in this photo shows the fairness of the radius chine plywood hull. In the background is a Dix 470 catamaran that is also available as a kit, being built in the workshop.

High-build epoxy primer.

Outside, ready for hull-turning.

A novel way to turn a hull. I've not seen it done this way before.

The keel shoe is visible in this photo.

Steel frame on which the stern was supported during turn-over.

Turn-over completed.

The kit that Exocetus Marine is developing includes all plywood components plus all solid timber structure, pre-shaped and ready for installation. Their instruction manual is also very detailed, with interactive PDF 3D drawings that allow the builder to view in various formats and to zoom in to see finer detail.

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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Dedication 27 Photo Session

I was lucky enough to be invited to participate in a shoot with powerboat photographer Thomas Spencer last week. This was on Kevin Agee's beautiful new "Dedication", prototype of our Dedication 27 design. Today we saw the photos for the first time and they include some great shots. Here are a few of them.

I am building the web page for this design and will put it online when ready. I am loading build sequence photos into the Dedication 27 album on my Flickr site.

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Friday, June 26, 2020

Dedication 27ft Sportfisherman Launched

COVID-19 has prevented the normal fanfare that goes along with the launch of a new boat, fanfare that is particularly nice to have when it is the prototype of a new design. So it is with the beautifully-executed build of the 27ft sportfisherman of Kevin Agee's. We slipped her quietly into the water last month to mark flotation ahead of painting her anti-fouling bottom paint. As it was she floated perfectly as expected but it is always nice to get confirmation when that can be done.

On that first wetting the motor was started but no sea trials. She came back out of the water on her trailer and went home for painting.
"Dedication" gets wet for the first time, ahead of receiving bottom paint. The jumble of aluminium tubes forward of the console is the tower, folded down to pass under cables and bridges.
Two weeks later she went back into the water with her bottom painted, this time to run in the motor and do some early trials.
The 300hp Suzuki 4-stroke motor is very smooth and suits her well. The water in the river was smooth but it is all no-wake zone, so we idled along the channel. Once out into the mouth of the river the water lumped up quickly from the strong winds in the bay. While running in the motor she did 18 knots with the maximum 3000rpm permitted. After her running in was completed Kevin took the motor up to 4000rpm and 26 knots. With short 1-2ft wind chop she has a soft and dry ride, upwind and downwind.

Last weekend we went fishing, with the opportunity for more trials on flat water. She shows predictable handling, cruises comfortably at 25+ knots and tops out at close to 40 knots.
On the tower, Kevin Agee on the left, me (Dudley Dix) on the right.
View of the foredeck from the tower. The toerail is sapele, part of my work in the build.
Large open cockpit, plenty of space for fishing.
 The weather was good but the fish weren't keen to come aboard. We landed one red drum of about 40lb, which is a protected specie. It graced us with a photo opportunity, then went back to where it came from.
A protected red drum, first catch on the new boat.
Overall, "Dedication" performed to expectation, with no unwanted surprises. Owner/builder/skipper Kevin is very happy with handling, performance and fuel consumption. She is attracting attention wherever she goes, as well as good comments.

I will build a web page for this design in the next week or so, as time permits. Until then, see our other designs on our main website or mobile website.