Thursday, August 22, 2019

27 Sportfisherman Tower Begins

The 27ft Sprtfisherman being built by Kevin Agee in Seaford, Virginia, is moving into the final stages. Work has started on the tower, with the metalwork being done by professionals. Kevin has been working on the non-metal components that will be attached to it. I will let the photo captions tell the story.
Foam cored fibreglass roof  being laminated over the hoop of the tower. The hoop has been wrapped in plastic to keep it clean. At this stage the top surface has been glassed to set the camber.
Bottom of the roof, with trenching formed with a router for conduits and recessed lights.
Roof trimmed to final shape and pods added for aftdeck floodlights, almost ready for glassing.
Upper helm pod being glued up from Coosa board. This will be on a hinged crows nest that will fold down in front of the tower to reduce height for trailing.
Completed upper helm pod, ready for hardware and electronics, then mounting on the crows nest.
Hardware for cabin doors and hatch dry-fitted ahead of final finishing. All fastener holes for hardware are being drilled over-size, then filled with epoxy. The cured epoxy is then drilled for the fasteners, keeping the plywood or foam core sealed against leakage and rot.
The console has a recessed panel for key controls and switches, with a hinged cover. The sapele mahogany helm pod, shown in my previous blog entry about this boat, will be mounted to the left of the panel. Electronics will be mounted in the surface above the wheel.
Dry-fitting the trim tabs to the transom, below the wings of the engine bracket. They must be set at the correct height and angle to operate correctly.
The sapele mahogany toerail has been sanded and sealed with three coats of epoxy, Another three coats of epoxy to go, followed by 8-10 coats of varnish.
The bow capping of the toerail has worked out really nicely, hand-shaped from a section of sapele mahogany plank where the grain would sweep part-way around the corner.
This design won't be on our website until after Kevin's boat is in the water and sea trials have been completed. To see our other design, go to our main website or our mobile website.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

DH550 Catamaran "Valerie"

"Valerie" is the newest DH550 catamaran, launched in Durban, South Africa, a few months ago. Now she is in the Seychelles, awaiting her charter licence. Within a few weeks she should be licensed and available for crewed charter among these gorgeous Indian Ocean islands.

DH550 "Valerie" relaxing in an idyllic setting.
"Valerie" with Argie 15 as yacht tender.

A closer view.
Starboard aft cabin.
Galley on port side of saloon.
Settee on starboard side of saloon.
Inside helm and nav station.
Fast, comfortable sailing.
"Valerie" was built from a kit from Exocetus Marine in UK, who supplied a fairly comprehensive kit. It included CNC-cut components for hull, deck, bulkheads and interior joinery, as well as deck hardware, machinery, electrics and many other items.

"Valerie" will have a website in a few months. Until then I can forward any enquiries about chartering her to her owners.

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Sunday, July 14, 2019

Consoles of 27ft Sportfisherman

In my last post about Kevin Agee's 27ft sportfisherman project I was cutting the parts for the pod on which the helm will be mounted. Kevin glued the parts together while I was away at the Wooden Boat Show in Mystic Seaport, CT. Then last weekend I completed the shaping and sanding. Last week Kevin applied six coats of epoxy, to be followed by at least eight coats of varnish.
The helm pod, shaped with hand tools then sanded, ready to receive epoxy coatings.
Helm pod with the wheel in the approximate position.
The sapele helm pod with epoxy coatings. Many coats of varnish to come.
Kevin has been working on the anchoring system for the leaning post and console and on the hatches that will give access to the fuel tank plumbing connections. The tank will be anchored to the hull structure under a large removable flush panel in the deck below the console. Hinged plastic watertight access panels inside the console and leaning post are fitted into the flush panel for quick access.
Hinged wateright access panel over front of fuel tank, inside the console. A similar one is inside the leaning post, over the aft end of the tank.
The console and leaning post will be bolted to the deck with 2x2x1/4" aluminium angle brackets. These have been cut to fit the spaces, then acid washed before coating with aluminium primer/barrier coat, then paint. The aluminium tank will receive similar protective treatments.
2x2x1/4" Aluminium angle anchors for the leaning post and console, after acid-washing.
Now they have been coated with a sprayed aluminium primer/barrier coat.
Kevin has also laid out and cut the holes for the many rod holders that this boat will have in the sidedecks. Two on each side will serve as mounting positions for the rather nice bait board supplied by Stainless Boatworks in Australia. The others are angled incrementally to fan out the rods along each side.
Console and leaning post in position for checking fastener positions for bolting to the deck. Rod holder holes have been cut through the sidedecks.
This model of bait board has been supplied by Stainless Boatworks in Australia, dropping into rod holders in the sidedecks.
The holes for this hardware will be sealed with multiple layers of epoxy resin for waterproofing, before painting hull and deck.

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