Sunday, October 31, 2010

Italy visit

On Tuesday 2nd November I fly out to Italy, for a two week visit. I will be the guest of the owner of a new aluminium Dix 38 Pilot that will be launched in Trieste on 6th November. She is being built by professional builders in Italy. Here are photos of her when the structure was completed.

I will also visit the builders of a Vickers 45AC in Florence and spend time doing touristy things like soaking up whatever I can of the ancient world, not available to us in the New World. The young guys think that I am old enough to be part of the Ancient World anyway but there is no doubt that I can benefit from being immersed in culture for a couple of weeks.

My wife, Dehlia, will keep the office running as usual. She does all the important things around here anyway, while I draw pictures of boats. I am indebted to her for putting up with me all these years and helping to make boats so much a part of my life.

I will be back at home 16th November.