Friday, February 10, 2012

Government Gone Berserk

I am not normally one to voice my political opinion, prefering to listen quietly to what others say. Occasionally something gets under my skin and itches me so badly that I must have my say.

We are all hearing constantly about the increasing size and cost of government and everyone says that government must get smaller and less costly, in the interests of the future of the nation. Today I have received an email with a link to a news story in Tennessee  that is worthy of the time to read and watch the video.

The State of Tennessee is trying to classify an amateur boatbuilding project as a professional boating business and to tax it accordingly. This is a 14ft one-off wooden skiff that a man built in his garage for his 7-year old son, who likes to fish. The tax that they demand is $539, which is probably near to half of what the boat cost to build.

Is the State of Tennessee so morally and financially bankrupt that it has to rip off its own citizens? We know that government is way too fat and lazy when it has to bend the rules and regulations beyond breaking point to bring in money to pay the salaries of the enforcers.

Murfreesboro TN may be a long way from your neck of the woods but sickness in government has a tendency to spread and other states could catch the virus also, if they see Tennessee getting away with this ludicrous twisting of regulations.


  1. That is total madness! You can only hope it is ignorant office workers that refuse to admit their mistaken view of the tax laws.

  2. This is the result of Tennessee contracting outside consultants to find ways of increasing revenue. The consultants appear to have a distorted view of fairness.

  3. Outrageous! Would make a good newspaper story, embarass the State Government significantly . . . .

  4. Thank you for sharing this outrageous display of tyranny.