Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Time to Buy a Boat

I recently spent a week in Louisville, Kentucky, for IBEX 2012 . The tone at the convention was pretty upbeat and the exhibitors were very positive after the show about the number of visitors and quality of enquiries that they received. In confirmation of other industry indicators, the boating industry seems to be slowly coming out of the lengthy recession that has plagued us all for the last few years.

My Paper Jet displayed at IBEX 2012.

Now is a good time to be in the market to buy a boat, before prices start to go up again. That applies as much to used boats as to new ones. There are many boats that owners have put up for sale, for economic or other reasons. There are some very good deals available to those who want to to take advantage of this market.

We have some quality boats listed in the brokerage section of our website. They are generally boats that have been well loved by their owners and have proven themselves through extensive cruising to faraway places. They have been well maintained and are extensively equipped, ready to go wherever your dreams would like to take you. The available boats range from the classic fast cruiser Shearwaters to the very modern and eye-catching Dix 61.

Go to our brokerage section to see the listings. If you are interested in any of these boats, please contact me by email and I will connect you with the seller. We don't offer full brokerage service, so your dealings will be directly with the seller. The benefit to you is reduced brokerage fees, so lower purchase cost.

Please visit our website to see our full range of designs.

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