Monday, April 29, 2013

Update on OkoumeFest

My previous post was about having my Paper Jet at OkoumeFest on Kent Island, near to Annapolis. After that I received requests for the opportunity to sail her with the Turbo rig as well. I have arranged to have another Paper Jet at the event, which will allow us to have both rigs available for sailing. My own boat, the prototype will have the Turbo rig. The 2nd boat is being loaned to me by my friend, boatbuilder Howdy Bailey, and will have the Standard rig.

PJ 007 with Standard rig and PJ 001 with Turbo rig.
The two boats in the photo are the ones that we will have at OkoumeFest. This happens from 10am on Saturday 18th May on the beach at Matapeake State Park on Kent Island, south of the eastern end of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on US Route 50.

This is a boating rendezvous, so there will be many CLC boats on the water. If you have one of our plywood boats and live within reach of Kents Island, I am sure that you will be welcome to bring your boat and to join us for a day of sailing.

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