Friday, June 7, 2013

Idea 19, an Italian Variation of our TLC19

In late 1988 I was commissioned by Nebe Boats in Cape Town to design a 19ft trailer-sailer of very modern image and capable of handling the very robust sailing conditions common to the Cape of Good Hope. The result was the TLC 19, a speedy and capable little boat with fractional rig, fine bow, long waterline and scoop stern. It also had transom-hung rudder and swing keel or fixed wing keel options.
TLC 19 sailing on False Bay
The TLC 19 hull plug later became the hull for Anthony Steward's boat for his circumnavigation. Anthony's epic voyage was completed in 1993 and to this day nobody else has accomplished his feat of sailing an open boat around the world. The endurance required to sail that distance and for that length of time in a tiny boat without cabin, sailing through whatever conditions nature could throw at him, is incredible to even consider.

Anthony Steward arrives home after circumnavigating.
Another version of the TLC 19 is being built in Italy and can be home-built from strip-wood construction methods. It has been developed by Christian Pilo and uses our hull but a different deck, rig and interior. It is named the Idea 19 and has proven to be a speedy and capable little cruiser/racer. More information is also available on the website of Nautikit, our Italian agents.

Idea 19 sailing in Italy.
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