Friday, September 6, 2013

Shaped by Wind & Wave eBook

Yesterday I reworked the digital version of my book "Shaped by Wind & Wave". When I first released it last year it was in ePub format, readable on Nook, Kindle and the host of other Ereaders now competing for the contents of your wallet. The security features sometimes gave problems and eventually the publishing company that I use autocratically dropped the format. They removed my book and the thousands of others in their system from circulation and told us to rework the files as needed then re-issue our books without the security features.

As an interim measure we continued to sell the digital version in the form of html files, to be read on a web browser. Now I have taken the time that was needed to convert my book to the new ePub format and it is ready for purchase in the publications section of our website.

In this format you will be able to read it:-

1) On an Ereader such as Nook, Kindle or similar.

2) On a Computer by downloading the free Adobe Digital Editions .

3) On a smart phone using one of the many available Ereader Apps.

We don't sell this by automatic download because we don't use an automatic credit card processing system, for reasons of security. We process payments manually through our bookkeeping software to safeguard your sensitive information and to give us better control over the process. When the payment has been authorised we will send the ePub file to you by email.

As before, we continue to sell the paperback version of the book, which can also be ordered from the publications section of our website.

Thank you for your support in the past. Keep watching this blog and our website for new designs and other developments. We have some interesting things coming up in the near future.

Dudley Dix

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