Sunday, February 2, 2014

Didi 950 Construction Starts

Michael Vermeersch has started building his Didi 950 prototype in Ravenna, Ohio. This is the prototype of a very new design. Micheal is building from a pre-cut kit that we supplied and reports that the quality and fit have been excellent thus far.
Didi 950 Kit, ready for unpacking
 Yesterday Michael and a friend set up the bulkheads on the building stocks and he is now preparing to fit the backbone components to tie the bulkheads together.

Didi 950 Bulkheads set up and waiting for backbone.
This design has been drawn to comply with the Class 950 Class Rules. Watch this space for progress reports on this boat and the other Didi 950s being built in Australia, Latvia and Greece.

Please note that precut kits for our plywood designs supplied in USA must be ordered from Dudley Dix Yacht Design and not from the company that cuts them, Chesapeake Light Craft. For more info and pricing go to our plywood kits page.

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