Thursday, April 24, 2014

Didi 950 Hulls Taking Shape

The Didi 950 projects of Fred Grimminck in Australia and Mike Vermeersch in USA continue in parallel. Fred's build is from plans only and Mike's is from a kit that was cut by CNC router. Both have completed the flat sheet panels of the sides and bottom and are now skinning the radiused parts of their hulls. This is the stage that the hull shape really starts to show.

Some of the photos that I show of these two projects show minor differences, due to building from a pre-cut kit or with the builder cutting all components. Both produce the same boat at the end of the process but they may look a little different at times while being built.

Side and bottom panels all completed, ready for radius to start.
The photo above is of Mike's kit boat, with neat edges at the sheer (where hull and deck will meet). The photo below is of Fred's boat with irregular edges at the sheer. This is because the kit panels are supplied with a uniform strip of waste to be trimmed off to the final line after turning the hull over, while the boat built without a kit has the panels inividually cut by the builder and the waste width may vary.
Same stage, Fred's boat. Backbone still to be trimmed at forefoot.
The radius is skinned in two layers, made with narrow transverse strips. The first layer lies on the stringers and the doublers of the tangent stringers, fitted between the edges of the side and bottom panels. These edges have rebates pre-cut into them and onto which the second layer will be laid.
First layer of radius being fitted to Mike's boat.
The rebate along the edge of the side panel can be seen in this photo.
Final hull shape starting to become clear.
Construction of the boat in Latvia has now started and the boat in Greece will soon follow. To see more of this design and others in our stock design range, please visit