Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Paper Jet to Okoumefest

Every year in May Chesapeake Light Craft hosts a demo day on Kent Island, in northern Chesapeake Bay.  This is to give potential home builders the opportunity to test the various boats ahead of buying a kit. CLC cut the CNC kits for our plywood boats in USA, so we join the happy day of boating on the beach.

We had a two Paper Jets there last year and I will have my own yellow prototype, PJ #1, there again this year. Those who want to test sail her, please join us on the beach at Matapeake State Park, between 9am and 5pm.
Dudley preparing PJ #007 for sailing, Okoumefest 2013.
PJ #007 returning from a test sail, Okoumefest 2013.
PJ #001 patiently waits on the beach for her turn to be rigged. Okoumefest 2013.
Paper Jet sail numbers are now up to 84 and growing. This is a fun boat to sail. Come along to Okoumefest to see and sail her for yourself.

To see more about this design and the others in our wide range, please visit http://dixdesign.com/.

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