Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Didi 950 Downunder

I have shown the Didi 950 project of Fred Grimminck in Queensland, Australia, in previous posts. Since then he has progressed nicely and is now well into the fitting-out phase. This, of course, had to start with turning the hull right-way up. Fred used a similar method to the hull turning that I showed recently in Ohio, except that he replaced one of the engine hoists with a tractor-mounted forklift, to lift the hull and pull it out of the building shed, then push it back in. Here is Fred's video of the operation.

The fitting out is moving along, as can be seen in these photos.

Starboard water ballast tanks
Port water ballast tanks and double quarter berth.
Building the saloon settees.
Same area, from above. The open area where the vacuum cleaner is
standing is where the engine is located in the fixed keel version.
This boat has a lifting keel, which will pass through this area.
Looking forward at the foredeck, with deck beam flange being laminated.
This is the second boat of our design that Fred has built. Five years ago he built a Didi Cruise-Mini that he sailed for a few years, then sold recently. Watch this space for more photos of the progress of Fred's project.

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