Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival Cancelled

This weekend was to be the 33rd running of the very successful and popular Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival in St Michaels, Maryland. That was until yesterday, when the weather man decided to stick his oar into the mix. He has sent Tropical Storm Joaquin in our direction and the forecasts are for it to increase to a Cat 3 hurricane at times, passing rather close to us here in Hampton Roads as well as the the Festival location 200 miles north, with intense winds and possibly a foot of water falling from the sky.

If you planned to join us there, stay home, dry and safe. This is the first time that this event has ever been cancelled. I was to be the dinner speaker and would still like to do this event, so lets plan to be there same time, same place, next year.

Seeing as you will likely be trapped inside like us while the weather demons do their thing in the sky, why not spend the time cruising the designs on our websites, at or

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