Monday, January 25, 2010

Progress is being made

Earlier this month I hinted at the updated version of one of our popular designs that is soon to see the light of day. I said it would be a few weeks and that would make it about now, so I should update.

The work is progressing and most of the important stuff is done. The new hull shape is sorted out and most of the structural changes have been figured. Sail plan and accommodation changes also done. I decided to update a few other aspects of the boat at the same time, so those are on the go. I guess that about another two weeks will have it complete.

Winter weather has been good for doing design work outside of work hours, rather than freezing outside. The past few days have been warmer, relatively speaking. A SE gale blew for a couple of days and brought a 15ft swell up the coast. The storm was attached to a warm front, so today was around 60F (16C). I pulled out my boards and went surfing as soon as the wind went offshore to straighten out the swell. Nice surf of 7-8ft, maybe 10ft in the biggest sets. A SE swell along a North/South beach makes strong currents, so there was much paddling involved and much walking back along the beach occasionally to get back to the start point. With water temp below 40F (4C), even my full wetsuit with gloves, boots and hood did not prevent icecream headaches every time that I had to duck under a wave.

After a good afternoon of surf I am rejuvenated, feel alive and am back at the drawings. I must get this project done because the next one has already been lined up, a new radius chine plywood small cruiser/racer. Watch this space.

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