Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Our Brokerage Site

We have many supporters worldwide. We have no idea how many nor do we have any way to estimate numbers. Many just like our boats, without ever having any intention of cutting and joining bits of wood or metal to build one themselves. For them, to buy a complete boat is the only option.

Then there are those who would love to build but are unsure of their ability to create a strong and seaworthy structure to withstand the ravages of the ocean wave. For them, buying a partially-built boat or "semi" is the right way to go. They can buy a boat at hull/deck/bulkheads stage or whatever is available, then do the less critical fitting-out work that is needed to take it through to completion.

And finally there are those crazy people like myself who just do it, whatever it is, then figure out how to do it as we go.

We have a small brokerage section on our website, which can help out people in the first two categories. If you fall into the last category, we have a wide range of plans from which you can choose. Our design list and prices are at .

Our current listings cover the size range from 14ft to 61ft and boats from wood, steel, aluminium and GRP. If you are interested in buying a used or incomplete boat of my design, go to .
Teak decks of the newly listed Dix 38 Pilot
The newest listing is for a semi-complete Dix 38 Pilot that is being built from aluminium in Sicily, Italy. The work has been done by professionals and gives a beautiful and very solid structure for a less skilled owner to finish a very desirable cruiser to sail anywhere in the world that he wants.

Aluminium Dix 38 Pilot Semi for sale.
Please visit and view the boats that we have listed. They include some capable, speedy and gorgeous Shearwaters.

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