Wednesday, January 16, 2013


OK, I heard that. You asked what the heck is a "PechaKucha"?

A PechaKucha is a Japanese concept for short and snappy presentations. You can read about it at the PechaKucha website . It is "the art of concise presentations" and was devised in 2003 for young designers to meet, network, and show their work in public.

It can be used in any industry for people to showcase what they are working on or what is in development. I was going to be presenting on one of my boat designs at a PechaKucha night  in Louisville, Kentucky in October last year. This was to be part of IBEX 2012 but it fell through due to too many other functions putting pressure on the available time. The organisers promised that we would have it as an online event instead, in the coming months.

Now that time has come and it is happening tomorrow, January 17th (or today for my readers just West of the International Date Line). This is the first time that a PechaKucha event will be done online and my presentation will be part of this historic event. I won't say what it is that I will be presenting, please tune in and watch/listen to the presentations and you will see what I am showing.

You will need to register to attend the ProBoat Design Concept Craft Online PechaKucha . It is free, so no fee to pay, no credit card info to provide. Do it in good time because you will receive an email with the login address to use for the event. It is happening at 13h00 Eastern. If you can't watch it live, you can watch any time later that suits you.

I look forward to any comments after you have seen the PechaKucha. FYI, the word "PechaKucha" has played havoc with the spell-checker on my blog editor.

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