Friday, June 20, 2014

Didi 950 Hull Skin Completed

Over the last few months we have watched as two builders on opposite sides of the world have worked on their Didi 950 projects. Mike Vermeersch in Ohio, USA, is building his boat from a kit and Fred Grimminck in Queensland, Australia, is building his from scratch.

Fred has taken a break from his boat for a couple of weeks while delivering his recently sold Didi Mini clear across Australia by road, a formidable road trip.
Fred Grimminck delivering his Didi Mini Mk2 across Australia.
Mike has been able to continue and has now completed the fairing and sanding of the radius as well as fitting the bow capping and shaping of the forefoot. His boat is looking very nice, with the final hull shape now clear.
Radius skin completed but still to be faired.
Radius faired and sanded. The jigsaw joints of the side panels are seen below the radiused panel.
Completed stern sections.
Bow capping fitted, ready for shaping.
Bow capping and forefoot shaped and sanded.
Completed bow shape. Clean and shaped from plywood.
Faired and ready for epoxy and the fibreglass reinforced areas to be done.

There are also builds of the Didi 950 progressing in Greece and Latvia.

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