Monday, June 23, 2014

New Dinghy Launches in Russia

Similar to my previous post, a new boat has also been launched in the Eastern Europe (actually two new launches). That is where the similarity ends.

This one is a thoroughly modern high-performance dinghy, rather than the small classic cruising Cape Henry 21. It is Paper Jet #65 and was launched in Moscow, Russia. Built by Konstantin Denison and Den Vakar, she is striking in her red and white colour scheme.
Ready for launch. Looks fast even when standing still.
Raising sail for the first time, with a 420 rig for training.
Paper Jet looks interesting upright or capsized.
They are using a 420 rig as a training rig for the first season before moving up to a permanent Paper Jet rig. These boats are a lot of fun to sail and can challenge the sailors to push their limits.

The other launching is an Argie 15, also in Moscow, Russia. She was built by Andrey Borodihin, who built her as a family fun boat. He reports that they have enjoyed sailing their boat, with fun and exciting sailing.
Andrey's Argie 15 in a quiet moment.
Argie 15 being chased by a smiley balloon.
Not only for calm weather, here the Argie shows her strong wind ability.
Andrey is very happy with his Argie 15 and her performance.

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