Thursday, July 31, 2014

That Puzzling Paper Jet

The Paper Jet was a plywood kit boat right from the start, from the first thoughts of the concept that started to take form in my mind. Later we added a build-from-plans option to allow more people to build it, those who prefer or need to build from scratch. This could be that they need to reduce cost, they prefer the challenge of doing the complete build themselves or for other reason. Until now, whether building from plans or a kit, jointing of the long panels of the 4mm plywood hull and deck has been done by means of butt joints that are reinforced both sides with glass tape.
Glass-taped butt joints on Paper Jet hull panels
 Now we are up to Paper Jet #87, which is to be built in Weston, Missouri. The builder asked if it would be possible to supply his kit with jigsaw jointing of the long panels instead of the butt joints. This would ease the construction process for most builders, so I have reworked the panel files to add jigsaw joints.
Preparing jigsaw joints for assembly.
To read more about jigsaw joints, see an article that I wrote on my Boatbuilder Tips blog.

For now the jigsaw jointed Paper Jet kits are only available in USA but the files will be available to all of our kit suppliers worldwide. If you want to build this design from a kit and want it to have jigsaw joints, email me or contact your choice from out kit supplier list. I will send the jigsaw-jointed kit files to the supplier.

Jigsaw joints are impractical for building from scratch, so those building from plans must continue to use the glass-taped butt joints.
Paper Jet #14, built by Mauro Bertaccini of Ravenna, Italy.
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