Monday, September 8, 2014

Didi 950 - Up and Over

This seems to be a period of hull-turning. About 10 days ago I posted about the Didi 26 being turned in Hood River, OR. Now I am doing the same for Mike Vermeersch's  Didi 950 in Ohio.

Mike turned his hull this weekend and it went very smoothly and safely. It is a much bigger boat, with more weight that can potentially get out of control and more height needed to successfully accommodate the hull on its side as it goes through the process. Bigger and heavier boats need more care, preparation and equipment than is the case with smaller boats.

Mike chose to turn it using the spit-roast method. This is only one of many methods that I describe in my book "Shaped by Wind & Wave".

Turning by this method is done by attaching axles to both ends of the hull to suspend it on supports (Mike used engine hoists) while it is rotated on the axles. Care must be taken to get the axles on centreline and close to the vertical centre of gravity of the hull, to keep the rotational forces small. In this case Mike asked me for the position of the VCG, which he says proved to be spot-on. Once lifted, he turned it by himself, exerting about 20lb of force to rotate the hull. These photos tell the story.
Spit-roast axles ready to be fitted.
Axle bolted to transom.

Axle bolted to bow.
Axle in chain sling attached to boom of engine hoist.
Lifted on engine hoists and turn started.
Almost over.
Cradle ready for the hull, on castors for easy moving.
Safely settled in her new cradle and ready for interior work.
Thanks Mike Vermeersch for the great photo series.

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