Tuesday, November 20, 2018

For Sale - Dix 43HD Aluminium World Cruiser

"Tana Vika" is a well-loved and proven serious cruising sailboat, custom-built from aluminium for a British couple who have cruised her extensively since launch. You won't find her name in any dictionary that translates foreign languages; they named her for two of their favourite places in the world, visited in countries very far apart while doing a back-pack circumnavigation in much younger days.

Designed and built as a go-anywhere cruiser, "Tana Vika" is the prototype of our Dix 43 HD design. She was professionally built in Czech Republic and launched in 2008, then motor-cruised through the rivers and canals of Europe to UK, where she received her rig.
"Tana Vika" sailing off Newfoundland.
Since then "Tana Vika" has cruised double-handed through the North Atlantic, Caribbean, Pacific and Northern Indian Ocean as part of her intended circumnavigation. Failing health has caused the owners to cut short their sailing before completing the circle and to put their boat on the market. She is currently in Langkawi, Malaysia.
Cruising route of "Tana Vika".
"Tana Vika" is a comfortable floating home that can take you to the Arctic or Antarctic, if tropical cruising is not your thing. She is equipped to take on the oceans of the world, and has sailed through three Force 9 gales and one Force 10 storm during her travels. The Force 10 was while crossing the Gulf Stream en-route from Chesapeake Bay to Bermuda and did considerable damage to other boats nearby, while "Tana Vika" came through unscathed.
"Tana Vika" layout. Click to enlarge.
Looking forward from companionway.
Galley, from saloon. Secure hinged aluminium companion door.
Nav station.
Shower with folding seat & wet locker door.
Deck view.
Cockpit and dodger, with secure hinged companion door.
Cockpit with folding table.
Modern underbody with fin keel and spade rudder.
I will not list her equipment here. She is well equipped for the voyaging that she has been doing and ready to continue for her new owner. Her rig was serviced in Australia, including replacement of her standing rigging.

She is listed on my brokerage pages, asking price US$225,000. Please send me an email if you are interested in her and want more information.

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