Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Didi 40cr Opportunity in New Zealand

The Didi 40cr is a variation of our Didi 38 design, of which my "Black Cat" was the prototype. We launched "Black Cat" in November 1995; she will be 23 years old in a few days and has crossed the South Atlantic 6 times. There are more then 80 sisters sailing or in build around the world.

A builder in Whangarei, New Zealand, has built his Didi 40cr hull to a good standard but is not able to carry on with it. He is relocating to UK and cannot take the boat with him. His project is available at no cost to another builder who would like to own and sail a fast cruiser/racer like this.

The hull structure is mostly completed, so will give a builder a head-start of 1000 or more hours in saved building time.
Most of hull structure completed.
Neatly executed woodwork.
The hull is still upside-down on its building stocks, mounted on a road trailer and protected from the weather by a tarp. The trailer is available to move the hull but must be returned to its owner.
Hull on building stocks, mounted on road trailer.
For more information on this opportunity, go to the listing at, from where you can contact the owner directly.

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