Saturday, August 30, 2014

Hull-Turning of Didi 23

Steve Watson is building a Didi 23 in Hood River, Oregon. Last week he and a few friends pulled the hull out of his garage, rolled it over in the driveway then returned it to the garage for work to start on the interior. These photos show the process that they used.
Pulled out of the garage.
Half-way over. A hull is intimidating in this position and must be controlled. Gravity can quickly become the boss.
Safely over and resting on mattresses. Builder Steve Watson at right.
Lifted off the mattresses onto a wheeled cradle to keep her mobile.
Stern view. Steve has added a scoop stern to the transom.
Going back into the garage for work to continue.
A boat-under-construction takes on a whole new character when it is turned right-way up. This is the first time that the builder gets to see it right-way-up and the final shape of his creation.

Hull-turning is a memorable milestone in a big boatbuilding project. This is always a good time to have a party, to take your rewards and gather your thoughts, resources and energy for the next stage of the project.

The way that Steve and friends turned this hull worked for them. The bigger the boat, the more complex the turning process becomes and the more care that must be taken with preparations and equipment to keep this heavy structure under control. Carelessness with this phase of the project can injure or kill people and also damage the carefully-built boat.

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