Sunday, November 16, 2014

DS15 (Didi Sport 15) Build in South Africa

Until now I have only shown the DS15 prototype, being built in Virginia Beach, USA, by Aussie Hunter Gall. Hunter's project is currently stalled due to circumstances but one of the the other builds is steaming ahead apace. This one is being built by Jim Foot in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. This weekend Jim applied the last coat of epoxy to the outside of his hull and is preparing to paint it.

This series of photos shows the basics of Jim's project up to this stage. This is a radius chine plywood design, with hard chine along the topsides. It is the same family of designs as the Didi Mini Mk3 and Didi 950.
Frames set up on building stocks, with stringers going on.

Stringers all done and bottom panels fitted.
Same stage, showing stringers running into forefoot.
Side panels fitted and first layer of radius progressing.
Stitch-&-glue detail of topside chine.
Second layer of radius going over first layer.
Completed radius chine, running smoothly into flat panels.
Glass taping centreline seam. Jigsaw joints of bottom panel can be seen.
Epoxy coatings started.
Nice finish starting to show.
Clean stern and nice finish.
Final coat of epoxy, ready for sanding and painting.
I will show more of Jim Foot's project as it progresses toward launch date. I tend to show the projects for which I receive the best photos, so please send me your best pics if you want to see your project on this blog or the Dudley Dix Yacht Design main website.

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