Saturday, February 14, 2015

More about Jim's DS15 Project

In a November post I wrote about the Didi Sport 15 that is being built in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, by Jim Foot. Jim has continued to build at a good pace and his boat is moving into the final stages of construction.

Jim has provided a steady stream of photos that document his project through all of its stages. He appears to be doing a very capable build and his boat should be sailing within months.

Jim bought a plywood kit from CKD Boats in Cape Town. It was cut by CNC router using cutting files that we prepared and supplied. Similar kits can also be cut by our other kit suppliers in other countries.
Beautiful standard of hull finish shows off the hull shape.
Internal framing of Jim's DS15 hull, CNC-cut by CKD Boats in Cape Town.
Spinnaker pole launch tube
Internal surfaces sealed with 3 coats epoxy
Adding doublers for mainsheet track and epoxy-coating underside of deck.
Jigsaw-jointed cockpit sole installed and cockpit sides being fitted.
Framing of foredeck and cambered mastdeck.
Mastdeck being fitted.
Cockpit and decks nearing completion.
Mound for rudder pintles.
Casting lead keel bulb.
Thanks Jim for your photos and for your enthusiasm. I look forward to the launch and sailing photos of your new boat.

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