Monday, February 22, 2016

Wide Stern Version of Didi 40cr

David Edmiston in Australia wanted to build our Didi 40cr design but he wanted some changes. He wanted a competitive racer that he could build himself using basic materials and amateur methods. Our radius chine plywood design fitted his needs well but he needed some modifications. These included a broader aft deck with T-shape cockpit. This change, with the underbody unchanged, increases flare in the topsides aft.
David's hull with the flats skinned and the radius in progress.
David is progressing well with his build and turned the hull today, with the help of friends. He constructed a strong purpose-designed framed canopy over the boat to give shelter while building and he used this to lift the hull and support it while turning, with the slings shackled to the tops of the posts.

The hull is supported by the yellow slings and is being turned with a chain block.
David has built much of the interior as part of the hull construction. I built most of the interior of the Didi 38 prototype "Black Cat" upside-down before skinning the hull. It is an interesting process, needing some different thought processes to make sure that everything turns out as intended. It has advantages in that shelves etc. can be cut a little oversize and allowed to project slightly through to the outside of the hull, then trimmed off with a plane for a perfect fit before fitting the skin.
This photo isn't inverted, this shows the saloon and nav station, built upside-down.
David's hull-turning went well, finished by celebrating with a bottle of bubbly.
She's over, showing off her broader stern and T-shape cockpit.
The saloon right-way-up, with a tarpaulin for protection until the deck is skinned.
David inside his newly-turned hull, ready to go to work on the deck.
David is documenting his build on his own blog, at, where you can follow his progress through to launch.

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