Monday, July 4, 2016

More about Didi 40cr "Alizee"

My previous post was about the Wooden Boat Show, more specifically about the Didi 40cr "Alizee". I now have more info about her journey from the foothills of the Rockies to the East Coast.
"Alizee" loaded onto her custom three-axle trailer, ready to hit the highway.
The tow vehicle for this odyssey is a pretty serious pickup, the Dodge RAM 2500, with 5.7 litre Hemi V8 and towing capacity of 18,000lbs.
All hitched up and ready to go.
Total distance travelled was more than 1900 miles and took them through 10 states in 5 days on the road. They were delayed at the New York state line because they weren't permitted on the  NY highways on a weekend.
"Alizee" on the road.
Final destination was Noank Shipyard at the mouth of the Mystic River, Connecticut There she was to be launched, rigged, commissioned and sea trials done.
Hanging in the slings of the travel-lift, ready for launch.
Her first feel of the Atlantic Ocean.
The removable bowsprit is an owner-addition to set asymmetrical spinnakers.
"Alizee" safely afloat and waiting for her rig.
Commissioning took longer than expected due to delays with receiving her sail wardrobe. I had hoped to sail on her the day before the Wooden Boat Show but that was not to be, the Mystic Seaport dockmaster needed her in her berth too early to allow us to sail that day.
"Alizee" going through the road drawbridge to exit Mystic.
Further down Mystic River is another drawbridge, for the railway line.
"Alizee" has an interesting blog, titled  "Apres Boulot: our life after work". It covers her construction, road trip and the Wooden Boat Show. It will continue, to cover her cruising adventures.

To see other cruising blogs and websites for boats of our designs, go to our boat links web page.

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