Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Update on Wide Stern Versions of Didi 40 and Didi 40cr

In February I posted about the wide stern version of the Didi 40cr being built in Australia. Read that earlier post. Amateur builder David Edmiston sent me an update photo with the deck and cockpit nearing completion.
Wider stern at deck level, with T-cockpit.
The underbody of the hull is unchanged, with the topsides more flared to give the wider deck. This allows a broader T-shape cockpit that will work with either tiller or a larger wheel than can fit into the original format.

A plywood Didi 40 being built in India uses this same hull with a different deck and longer cockpit. That boat will be used as the plug for moulds, from which series-built sandwich GRP boats will be produced. The builder is XS-Marines in Mumbai.
Plywood hull being skinned with jigsaw-jointed panels.
Stern view of the Didi 40 wide stern version.
The boats on this post are essentially updated versions of the Didi 38 "Black Cat", the boat that kicked off our radius chine plywood design range.

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