Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Another Didi Mini Mk3 Launch

About 3 weeks ago Ronald Groenewoud launched his Didi Mini Mk3 in Netherlands. Last week another was launched,  meticulously built by Mark Paterson in Vancouver, British Columbia. Named "Voodoo Child", Mark has no plans to race her in the formal Mini-transat class but will compete in local mixed fleet club racing. He has outfitted her with all normal Mini 650 equipment plus a few extras for comfort.
Transported on her road trailer.
"Voodoo Child" in the travel lift slings, on the way to the water.
Rig up and testing sails for fit.
Transom with twin rudders.
Cockpit and cabin with crew shelter. 
Mark has opted for the fixed keel option, with trim tab.
Robust companion hatch, as seen from the cockpit.
Electrical and electronics panel.
Plumbed-in toilet, shown during construction.
Compact galley, shown during construction.
Mark is now doing sea trials, bedding the rig in, testing sails and systems and learning what his new boat can do, as well as its character. Testing was with white sails last weekend and will move on to the powerful asymmetrical next. I will show sailing photos on this blog when available.

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