Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Didi Mini Mk3 Launch in Netherlands

Ronald Groenewoud is in Enschede, Netherlands. He has been building his Didi Mini Mk3 for the past three years and launched her today. (Mobile web page for this design). This is a radius chine plywood boat, built from our plans.

From his photos it seems that he has done a great job of building her. I don't have info on the boat or the builder to write a story, so will rely on Ronald's photos to tell that story for me.
Hull completed. It is built over permanent plywood bulkheads.
Deck stringers added, ready to receive the 6mm plywood deck skins.
Completed hull and deck, finished to a beautiful standard.
Pouring encapsulated foam flotation required by the Mini 650 Class Rules.
Fabricated aluminium keel.
Pouring the lead ballast bulb in halves, to be joined over the keel.
Ready to leave the workshop. Tight fit, with some plaster removed from both
sides of the opening to let it squeeze through.
Custom road trailer, ready and waiting.
Loaded and ready to go.
Launched with a travel-lift.
Waiting for her rig. Maybe tomorrow?
Ronald built his boat single-handed, as he is likely to sail it most of the time. Congratulations Ronald, looks like you have built a good boat. Ronald has a Dutch-language blog but the photos look the same in any language. :-)

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