Monday, October 24, 2016

DS15A Build in California

The prototype of the DS15A (Didi Sport 15 Adaptive) is being built in Santa Cruz, California. This design has been developed from our little sportboat design, the DS15, with modifications and features to suit handicapped sailors. 

This first boat is being built in plywood and will also serve as the plug for moulds to produce GRP boats. The men behind the project are George Arthur, who commissioned the design, and Luc de Faymoreau, the builder of the prototype, both from Santa Cruz.
First layer of radius fitted between bottom and lower side panels.
Same stage from aft
Hull framing, looking from below building stocks
Cleaning up the rebate to ready for the 2nd layer of the radius skin.
Sail plan of DS15A
We don't yet have a web page specific to the DS15A. That will come later. See the boat on which it is based on the DS15 page.

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