Friday, October 14, 2016

Australian Didi 40cr

I have shown David Edmiston's Didi 40cr project before. It was David who commissioned the wide stern version with T-cockpit, which is now also being built in India in plywood, with a sandwich GRP production version to follow.

David has sent me some new photos, showing his boat with the exterior painting completed, aside from some non-skid areas that must still be done. He says that the finish is not quite perfect but he is happy. It looks to me as near to perfect as any amateur builder is likely to achieve, I see not a ripple in the mirror finish of the topsides. Congratulations David.
Beautiful finish on an amateur-built boat.
Bow view
Broader stern at deck level, with T-cockpit.
This broad-stern version is not on our website yet, it will get there when I am able to get around to the it. If you are interested in building this version, please contact me be email.

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