Monday, February 27, 2017

Argie 15 Seats Closed In

The interior of our new Argie 15 is progressing nicely, in the capable hands of amateur boatbuilder Kevin Agee. He is achieving a nice finish, even in those places that will seldom be seen.
Insides of seat compartments painted with 3 coats of epoxy for long-term protection, finished with white polyurethane paint. All surfaces in those compartments were sanded smooth to remove any roughness that could damage clothing or anything else that may be stowed in there, or hands and arms that may reach in to retrieve them. The reflective white paint makes it possible to see to the remote corners, not possible with clear-finished wood.
Seat tops also epoxy-coated and finished with white paint before fitting. Note that the gluing surfaces have been left uncoated for proper adhesion.
Ready for seat tops to be fitted.
Seat tops fitted, faired and sanded. The tops were weighted down with bricks and other weights, rather than screwing them down. Once the glue has cured any fasteners would be redundant anyway.
View from the pointy end. Plenty of  comfortable seating for a  pretty big family.
The benefit of white-painted  lockers, well-lit for finding things and for cleaning. This is looking down into the bow seat.
Transom doubler installed above seat level. This serves as an internal stiffener and a clamping surface when an outboard motor is used.
My next post about the Argie 15 will likely be about the rudder and daggerboard foils, which I am shaping in my garage.

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