Saturday, March 3, 2018

Cape Cutter 19 News

The Cape Cutter 19 design was commissioned by Nick Voorhoeve, for GRP construction from moulds in South Africa. From there they were exported to UK, where they sold very well. After a few years they sold the company to Honnor Marine and production was moved to UK.
Two fiberglass Cape Cutter 19s waiting for the tide.
Honnor Marine has recently been sold due to the retirement of the owners. The Cape Cutter 19 moulds have changed ownership to a new company, Cape Cutter Marine, which has moved production to new premises in Driffield, Yorshire. The website has been totally redesigned, offering the same services plus a lot more. The new owner has plans to improve production and expand marketing to reach buyers world-wide.

Under Nick Voorhoeve we were able to sell CNC plywood kits but Honnor Marine took away those rights. Now we have reached agreement with Cape Cutter Marine that we can sell CNC plywood kits worldwide. This will be done through the same companies that currently sell kits for our Cape Henry 21 design.
"Tiptoe", Cape Cutter 19 beautifully built by Ian Allen from a kit supplied by CKD Boats, our South African kit supplier.
Included in the expansion plans of Cape Cutter Marine  is the introduction of a GRP version of the Cape Henry 21. That should happen once all is sorted out with the Cape Cutter 19 production.
"Elvee", Cape Henry 21 built from a kit supplied by Big Pond Boat Shop, our Canadian Supplier.
We look forward to a long and mutually satisfying relationship with Cape Cutter Marine.

The Cape Cutter 19 Association is based in UK and has an annual rally. The 2018 rally will be in Scotland in May. More info.

See our kits page for a full list of our kit suppliers, with contact links.

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