Monday, March 12, 2018

Sportfisherman 26 - The Whiskey Plank

At my last post, the first layer of the chine flat had been fitted and the side skin was progressing. Since then Kevin has glued on the second layer of the chine flat then planed the outer edge for the intersection with the side skin. The side skin fits outside of the chine timbers, so the outer surface must be planed off flush with the frames. That is easy enough to do for most of the length but in the bow it becomes a bit more complicated.

Forward of Station 1 Kevin was unsure how it should be shaped because the chine flat tapers off, to disappear, with the side skin finishing flush with the bottom skin at the stem. That means that the forward end of the chine flat must be recessed adjacent to the edge of the bottom skin. It needs a tapered rebate that is deepest at the stem, tapering to nothing at the point where the width of the chine flat equals the thickness of the side planking. It was visualizing the details of this area that was troubling Kevin.

We shaped this area with a router and a straight bit of about 10mm diameter. The way to get the correct taper on the rebate was to set up a length of timber the same thickness as the side planks and broad enough to guide the base of the router. We clamped this timber to the frames to set the correct curvature and angle for the cut. Running the router along this board and deepening the cut in 2-3mm increments, we gradually worked down to a rebate surface for the side planks to fit into.
Timber strip set up alongside the chine as a guide for the router base, to set both the transverse angle and the fore/aft curve for the rebate.
The completed tapered rebate. 
With that rebate done both sides, the next task was to complete the side skin. The strips that fill in the rebate are neatly trimmed against the edge of the bottom skin. Further aft they can overlap slightly and will be planed flush later.

The last step in completion of the skin was fitting the whiskey plank, done with friends and family in attendance to celebrate this big occasion.
Kevin and Michelle celebrate completion of the hull skin after gluing in the whiskey plank.
Closing in the last of the gaps has made the boat appear considerably bigger than when we could see through it. Now the full shape can be seen and it is looking good. The skin will be planed flush along the chine this week and the sheer will be trimmed later, after turning the hull upright.
Hull skin completed 
The hull sides are now being rough-sanded prior to fairing. Next steps will be gluing on the keel runner, bow capping and planing strakes.

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