Monday, April 19, 2021

Cape Henry Wedding Chapel

 Ron Jesche built his Cape Henry 21 in the Adelaide area of Australia and does most of his sailing on Gulf St Vincent. Named "Sealion", his Cape Henry 21 fits his current needs so well that he sold his larger cruiser.

 Now, in the times of COVID restrictions on what we can and cannot do, "Sealion" has taken on a new role. This past weekend she served as wedding chapel when Ron and his long-time girlfriend were married on her foredeck. His bride's son had already had to postpone his own wedding plans once due to the pandemic, so he and his bride decided to do the same. So they had two weddings, an hour apart. Names and photos of the others in the weddings are not shown, for privacy reasons.

Ron Jesche is our agent in Australia, as well as kit supplier for our plywood designs. He is also a professional boatbuilder and fabricator of high quality stainless steel custom boat hardware. He can be contacted via his business Stainless Boatworks.

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