Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Didi 40cr Kits now in USA

A few months ago I announced that in future we would be working with Chesapeake Light Craft in Annapolis MD as supplier of CNC kits for our plywood designs. Since then we have been gradually expanding the designs that we are offering as kits. The expansion has been mainly in response to pricing enquiries that we receive for the various designs.

The latest addition to the range of kits offered is for the Didi 40cr. This is an extended version of the Didi 38 hull that has also had the accommodation extended to give a more spacious and comfortable cruising interior. The changes make this boat more of a performance cruiser than a racer/cruiser, comfortable for one or two couples who want to move fast between their cruising destinations. The keel shown in the drawing below is the deep draft version but we include two shallower keels in the drawings as well.

Accommodation of the Didi 40cr.
Amateur-built Didi 40cr in Turkey
Please visit our USA kits page to see if we have what you want. If you want another design that is not yet priced, please email Dudley to request a price for the design that interests you.

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