Friday, February 8, 2013

Paper Jet News

We have developing news for the owners of boats to our Paper Jet design. We are in the very early stages of organising the first formal racing for the Paper Jet class. It will be part of a larger event and we need enough entries to have our own start. If we can get a large enough fleet of Paper Jets we can maybe have our own course.

Skiffs are not happy on windward/leeward courses, so liked by dinghies with conventional spinnakers. They cannot be competitive against conventional classes when the emphasis is on beating and running. Skiffs prefer triangular courses, with reaching legs that allow them to sail at full potential. I am at my happiest on my boat when blasting at high speed on a beam to broad reach, when my PJ can really stretch its legs and fly past most other boats. Granted, I am sometimes on the extreme limit of control but the exhiliration of skipping off the waves and sometimes passing powerboats is worth the price of the not-so-occcasional capsize. It all helps to remind me that I am alive and enjoying the experiences of life.

There are enough boats on the US East Coast to have a successful Paper Jet East Coast Championship. At this stage I expect it to be middle to late in May 2014 and in the Carolinas. More details will be released as arrangements develop. If you are already building or are considering building a Paper Jet, you have plenty of time to complete a build and get in some sailing before the event comes around. If you know someone who owns or is building a Paper Jet , please tell them about this event in case they don't follow my blog.

 Lets get all these Paper Jets together and have some fun.

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