Thursday, February 7, 2013

Website Problems for Turkish Customers

A few people have told me for the past 6 months or longer that they have problems accessing my website from Turkey. I thought that it would be a temporary problem but it has not gone away. Recently I had a colleague do a trace for my websites from Istanbul. The results show that the problem is probably with a server in Ankara that belongs to Turk Telekom.

Today a client in Turkey has told me that he can open my website from his home but not from his office, 2km away. He says that there are many sites that he cannot open from the one but can from the other. It may be that the two locations use different routes and one bypasses the problem server. Whatever the reason, he has solved the problem by using an online anonymous proxy service.

There are many of these services available, some paid and some free. I don't want to advise which one to use, it is up to each person to ensure that they are using safe software on their computers. Google "online anonymous proxy service reviews" to evaluate the available services.

Using such a program will possibly help with other sites as well.

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