Monday, February 4, 2013

New Didi 34 Downunder

Thomas Farner of Taroona in Tasmania has just launched his new self-built Didi 34, named "Riff". Looks like Thomas made a great job of building her.

She had an interesting journey to the water. She had to first be moved over a makeshift bridge across a dry creek, to get her to where the crane would be able to pick her up.

Thomas Farner's "Riff" being lifted after crossing the dry creek bed.
Thomas has built a nicely-shaped hard dodger on her to shelter the companionway and front of the cockpit, which will be very welcome for cold and wet night watches.

Didi 34 "Riff" gets her bottom wet for the first time.
"Riff" has a rather nice fixed dodger to protect her cockpit.
Waiting for her rig.
Thomas has "Riff" in the water and is no doubt enjoying the intense satisfaction that comes from launching a boat that he has built with his own hands. He is assembling the rig and I will add photos to this blog when she is sailing.

Congratulations Thomas.