Monday, January 2, 2017

DS15 "Bateleur"

Jim Foot is the owner and builder of the Didi Sport 15 (DS15) "Bateleur". He made a beautiful job of the build, as an amateur builder. Jim has sent me some new photos of his boat and new impressions of her sailing characteristics.
"Bateleur" relaxing on Island Lake in South Africa, waiting to sail in the George Lakes Yacht Club New Year Regatta.
Here are some of Jim's comments.

"I finally had the Genoa ........ have tried the sail.   For the first time I now feel that Bateleur is performing to her abilities. In dinghy config, at 8-10 kts its full trapeze single handed. More than 12 kts single handed its asking for trouble. Acceleration is up, planing in 7 kts upwind, and I'm absolutely delighted." Here he is talking of sailing her without the ballast bulb.

When you read this comment think about what it means to actually sail a dinghy in this much wind, not just survive being caught out there.  Most people will not venture out in 40 knots of wind, Jim does so intentionally in his DS15 with the ballast bulb on the board. The capitals are his, not mine. There is a link on my YouTube channel to a video of them sailing in 35 knots. "ABOVE 40 KTS, AND I MEAN 40 KTS, , THE JIB FURLER IS A MUST OTHERWISE BALANCE OF THE BOAT BECOMES A BIG PROBLEM.  HANDLEABLE BUT ONLY JUST."  Correction, Jim says that he didn't intentionally go sailing in 40 knots but was caught out there by the gale. He did intentionally go sailing in 35 knots, so what is another 5 knots between friends?

"Basically I remain delighted with the boat and would not swap her for anything.   As time has proceeded, the little tweaks have just increased my delight and made things a bit easier.   Fast, quick to plane, stable, and absolutely no tendancy to nose dive, makes her a proper little delight.   Next step is a code 1 rather than a reaching kite.   I think this will be a better option than a reaching kite."
Closer view at the same venue.
As you can see, Jim is very happy with this boat. We also have a modified and de-powered version of it for disabled sailing.

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