Monday, January 9, 2017

More on Argie 15 Seat Framing

I have some more photos of the framing for the Argie 15 seats, now completed. The side seats to the forward cockpit are framed in the same way as described for the aft cockpit in my previous post. Framing for the bow seat consists of transverse stiffeners that span between the stringers on the hull sides and a longitudinal stiffener. The transverse stiffeners are slotted into the stringers and halved joints are used for the intersections between transverse and longitudinal stiffeners.
Argie 15 seat framing 
Completed seat framing. 
The boat is now ready for the seat fronts to be installed. Before that is done the hull must be checked for twist. At this stage there is still enough flexibility in the hull that it can become twisted along its length. Once the seat fronts are glued in, the hull will become very stiff and it will no longer be possible to pull it straight.

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