Wednesday, July 25, 2018

50ft Catamaran Build in North Carolina

There is a custom sister to our radius chine plywood catamarans taking shape alongside Albemarle Sound in Edenton, North Carolina. The builder is CRW-Con and the build method is composite reinforced wood construction, adapted by the builder from our radius chine plywood method. The base design is our Dix 470, expanded longitudinally to 50ft. The 470 is the second in our catamaran range that started with the DH550.

This series of photos shows construction of the first hull, which will be turned over in the next week or two.
Bulkheads and backbone set up, with stringers fitted into bulkhead slots.
First layer of radius skin fitted, foam fitted between stringers and keel structure in progress.
Plywood outer skin being fitted to sides. The opening is for the escape hatch.
Side skin completed, keel completed and glassed.
Glasswork completed.
Fairing with Awlfair.
Fairing with Awlfair.
This first boat has cruising keels and is being built on spec, with the builder seeking a customer for it. Interior configuration and finishes can be agreed between owner and builder if a buyer commits to the boat before the builder gets to a stage where he has to make those decisions. Anyone interested can email me, then I will put them in contact with the builder.

This design is not on our website. To see our range of available designs go to our main website or our mobile website.

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