Monday, August 6, 2018

Cape May 25 Build in Russia

I am so often pleasantly surprised by the standard of work done by amateurs building our designs. They are dedicated to turning out boats of which they are justly very proud. I recently received photos of the gaff cutter Cape May 25 being built to a very high standard by Andrey Koslov in Voronezh, Russia.

Voronezh is a city of about a million people, in southwestern Russia, straddling the Voronezh River. The city was rebuilt after the Second World War, having been almost totally destroyed in a battle with German forces.The Voronezh River is a tributary of the Don River, flowing south into the Sea of Azov, which gives access south of Crimea to the Black Sea via Kerch Straight.
Very fair hull, nicely finished

Andrey Koslov with his hull, nearly ready to turn over.
Over she goes, with a pair of frames built around her.
Turning frames that double as her cradle. The fine hollow bow at waterline is one of the reasons why these boats are so quick in light breezes.
Ready for the interior and deck to start.
Thank you Andrey, for doing such nice work building your Cape May 25. Keep up the good work.

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