Thursday, August 16, 2018

Hout Bay 30 Cutter New Launch

Another boat to our designs has been launched in Russia. This one is a steel Hout Bay 30, built by Aleksander Kokorin of Kranoyarsk in Siberia. He launched into the Yenisei River, which is the largest river system flowing into the Arctic Ocean.

The Hout Bay 30 is a frameless design, so the hull is built over temporary frames that are removed at the time of turning the hull over. I have a few photos from the start of construction in 2009, then a big gap through to those at launch in 2018.
The temporary frames have been set up on the building stocks and the centreline stringer fitted.
The transom has been set up. The stringers will be tack-welded to the tabs that can be seen projecting from the frame edges.
Arriving at the launch ramp.
Setting up a bipod frame to raise the mast.
Boat afloat, mast in place and bipod ready to do its work.
And up it goes.
No sails yet but she looks very pretty in a beautiful setting.
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