Friday, September 7, 2018

Deck Structure of 26ft Sportfisherman

The deck structure of Kevin Agee's 26ft sportfisherman is coming together. Last post about this project I showed the frames for the flush deck hatches. Now the drain spigots for the integral gutters have been added. They will be connected to tubes to drain overboard.
Completed hatch frame, with two drains fitted in the gutter on the right.
The two drain spigots, seen with the frame turned upside-down. The sloped bottom surface of the gutter removes unwanted weight from the frame and increases the bonding area where it contacts the beam ends
We cut all of the deck beams to length and dry-fitted them into the hull, then fine-tuned the hatch positions. The beams were then accurately cut to fit each hatch in its correct location. The outer ends of the beams are notched into a beam clamp on the hull and they have intermediate support from the hull girders, fitting into slots in the top edges of the girders.
Deck beams dry-fitted and trimmed for the hatch frames, ready for all to be glued in. The large opening that has no beams crossing it is where the fuel tank will be installed, with a screw-down flush access panel over it. The centre console will also be over this area.
Same stage, looking aft from the cuddy cabin toward the transom.
This design is not on our website yet because the drawings are incomplete. To see our range of designs, go to our main website or our mobile website.

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