Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Didi 29 Retro Progress

Bruce Mierke is building a Didi 29 Retro in Murphy, North Carolina. Bruce is a professional boatbuilder, building her for himself and progressing nicely. He has now completed the hull and it will be turned over in a few weeks.

This design is based on the Didi 26, modified to create a more classic image. Carrying a choice of rigs, the squaretop Marconi rig below and two gaff rigs further down the page. It is a radius chine plywood design, round bilge from plywood and can be built from plans or a CNC kit. Although Bruce is a professional builder, I developed this construction method primarily for amateurs and they have built many boats to this range of designs.
Marconi rig of Didi 29 Retro
Here are the latest photos from Bruce, showing the beautiful standard of finish that he has achieved.
Beautiful hull finish.
Two gaff rigs, racing at left and cruising at right.

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