Thursday, March 19, 2015

Dix 470 Catamaran Kit Build in UK

Kevin Bream is the owner of Exocetus Catamaran Kits in UK, the company that he formed to develop kits for our plywood catamaran designs and to market them to builders, both professional and amateur. To be sure that he does a proper job of this, he is building the Dix 470 himself, to test the fit of all parts and to develop systems to ease the whole construction process.

The number of plywood components in a boat like this is massive. Just the thought of figuring the size and shape for each one, then cutting it out before fitting it in place on the boat, can make the project being contemplated seem very intimidating. Anything that can be done to reduce the number of hours in the build and the flow of elbow grease from builder into the boat is worthy of consideration. It reduces building time for any kind of builder. For a boatyard it increases profits and for the amateur it gets him afloat and sailing sooner.

Kevin Bream has one hull completed and is now working on the second. Lessons that he learned while building the first hull have been put into making a better product. Aside from that, anyone who buys a kit from Exocetus will benefit from a product that has been built by the supplier himself. Who could provide better backup support to the builders than he who has done the development, the cutting and the building before them?

Here are recent photos of the project.
The workshop of Exocetus Catamaran Kits, first hull on the right.
Completed Dix 470 starboard hull, waiting for its mate.
Self-jigging building stocks, bolted to the concrete slab.
Interlocking bulkheads & backbone assembled, stringers in progress.
Daggerboard casing. This boat can have cruising keels or daggerboards.
Skeleton of port hull, ready for skin. The jigsaw joints are visible at panel edges.
Skeleton with side skin being dry-fitted to test for proper fit.
Stern detail of starboard hull, showing swim platform.
Exocetus Catamaran Kits can also supply similar kits for the bigger sister, the DH550.

To see more about these designs, as well as others of all types and materials, please visit

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